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We are all capable of learning how to take charge of

Imagine healing your own disease with light and frequency at the sub-cellular atomic level. With low-level laser treatment, it’s entirely possible.

The Light that Heals

Health and wellness has and always will involve sacrifice and self-discipline. This usually indicates a change of some sort: a change in diet, a change of exercise habits, a change of thinking (or thinking outside of the box), a change of lifestyle, a change of job, a change of social stress, a change of family situation, or a change in the medical belief system—the list goes on and on…

The healthiest of the healthy always find ways to "take charge of their own destiny" and control their own wellness. While they seek knowledge from all and use the medical system for its strengths, they do not turn their health over to an insurance company, a hospital, prescription medicine, a health care provider, or any other type of defective Western medical care.

The QLaser brand is #1 in the world for low-level laser treatment. Each device lives up to its name as an affordable piece of daily-use equipment that will save you money on health and wellness.

There are over 2500 Published Worldwide Clinical Studies that shows the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy. Here is a sample list of studies that you can readily research in many published scientific journals:

  • High Blood Pressure Studies
  • Acne Studies
  • Headach Studies
  • Joint Pain Studies
  • Bruise Studies
  • Cut Studies
  • Cold Sore Studies
  • Burn Studies
  • Broken Bones Studies
  • Whiplash Studies
  • Back Pain Studies
  • Diarrhea Studies
  • Hay Fever Studies
  • Osteoarthritis Studies
  • Heat Rash Studies
  • Hives Studies
  • Diabetes Studies
  • Varicose Veins Studies
  • Vomiting Studies
  • Scar Pain Studies
  • Tennis Elbow Studies
  • Carpal Tunnel Studies
  • Tendonitis Studies
  • Thyroid Studies
  • Bites Studies
  • Stings Studies
  • Rotator Cuff Studies
  • Swelling Studies
  • Memory & Learning Studies
  • Insomnia Studies
Low Level Laser Therapy is also known as cold or soft laser therapy and has been used for over 40 years in Europe.  Several Low Level Laser companies in the US have FDA approval for safety, however, they must operate under the label of " veterinary use". This private membership association website is dedicated to offering education.

QLasers Treatment For Veterinary Care.

If the power to heal your beloved pet was within your reach, would you stretch your hand out and grab it? The question isn’t hypothetical, QLaser treatment has the power to heal your pet’s afflictions. With this amazing device, you can heal your cat’s allergies—you can watch with your very own eyes as the pain of hip dysplasia dissipates, as osteoarthritis treatment on your family dog has him once again climbing the stairs.

Many who have discovered the healing power of the QLaser have used it to end the suffering of their most deserving family members—their pets.

QLasers has done the following Research

(Complete reports available under RESEARCH)

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